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At Seez, we partner with automotive businesses to push their digital innovation, providing them with the latest ready-to-go technology and enhancing their success in both physical showrooms and digital platforms.

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Seez SaaS Suite

A suite of products that connect your online world with your showrooms, enabling you to create seamless omnichannel experiences for your customers and salespeople.


Turn your website transactional giving your customers a car buying experience that is seamless and consistent, whether starting in-store or continuing online at home, or vice versa.


Give your salespeople the power to streamline all tasks in a single platform and facilitate smooth transitions between digital and in-person interactions.

Meet Seezar!

The GPT-powered Automotive Chatbot

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Time to Market
Benefit from a cost-effective, ready-to-go e-commerce solution and digital showroom in under a week.
Integration Ready Platform
Our open API platform is connected with top automotive systems, creating a centralized hub for your operations.
Optimized Showroom Efficiency
With a digital showroom, reduce time spent at the dealership and increase your customer’s satisfaction.
Constant Updates & New Features
Get continuous innovation in development of the Seez Platform, 
free of charge, providing data-driven solutions for your car dealership.
Nationwide Sales
With online capabilities, take your dealership beyond your local physical area & extend your reach.
Capturing Lost Sales
Stay notified & engaged with customers leaving the showroom by allowing them to finalize the sale online from anywhere.

Platform Add-ons to Maximize Your Digital Presence

AI/ ML tools and expert marketing strategies


SeezNitro is an advanced AI-driven platform that empowers dealers with advanced analytics capabilities like listing car attractiveness scores, reasons for unattractiveness, inventory optimization and KYC capabilities.

Data points
Improvement on conversions

SeezBoost is an AI-powered platform that helps retailers drive their marketing. It generates dynamic ads based on inventory, provides personalized recommendations, offers A/B testing, and analytical tools.

Reduction in cost per sale
Reduction in cost per order

Offerings that fit your needs


Our entry-level package to get you started on selling online.

1 User

1 Showroom


Our Plus package offers extra lead generation and omnichannel capabilities.

5 Users

1 Showroom


Our recommended package for your dealership with everything you need to achieve success.

Unlimited Users

2 Showrooms

Trust Our Partners

We have been working with Seez for 2 years now and together we have developed the first true online omnichannel solution for used car sales. The team at Seez has been a true pleasure to work with and their approach to developing customer-centric solutions has made a big difference in our digitalization of Starmark and Hessel. We look forward to continuing to develop online sales in the coming years!


It's amazing what's possible today thanks to the great software from Seez, which allows to sell a car online and signed the agreement via smartphone. We even sold a car while we were having another exciting meeting.

Hans Chr. Starbæk Kjær, Owner - N. Kjær Bilcenteret A/S  •  

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