In addition to the app, Seez offers digital and data tools for automotive companies and produces data reports.


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Here's what we offer

More Cars

We aggregate all new and used cars for sale from all over the internet so you'll always see more on Seez.

Certified Cars

We also list premium, dealer-certified cars that we collect from our partners to ensure you get the quality you are looking for.

Negotiated Prices

Once you search for a car, we directly find listings that match your needs & start negotiating with sellers to get you lower prices.


With various contacting options, you can instantly call, text or Whatsapp the seller of any car that interests you.


Explore and understand how our app features work so you can get the maximum out of it!


Start a Search

Open the app and start a car search from the My Searches page by tapping on "Find a Car". This search will scan all car sites in your country and show you all the results in one place.


Search Details

After starting a search, pick the details of the car you are looking for, including year, mileage and budget. Once the search is launched, our AI-Powered search engine will find you all the available deals in seconds.


Results & Contact

Once the search results are loaded, you can browse, filter and sort them. Tap on any car to view its details, add cars to your favorites for later viewing, or simply contact the seller of any car that interests you.

Seez Features

With a bundle of special features, buying your next car will be a walk in the park.

Slider Filters

Editing your car search filters has never been easier! Leave the sliders fully open to get all the results or smoothly slide them into place to select your exact values.

Full Market Search

Search all the UAE, KSA or Kuwait car sites, with a single tap! Browse, filter and sort results to find your dream car, and contact the sellers directly!

Car Leasing

Looking for a short-term commitment? Check out our car leasing deals, from official and private dealerships, and drive the newest car models, for less!

Car Valuation

Whether you want to buy a car or sell your own, use our car valuator to find out the average market price and depreciation of any car, in seconds.

Seez Blog

Read our latest updates, discover the best car-buying tips from experts and read the latest automotive news.

Buy Cars Online
New: Buy Cars Online with Seez!
May 17, 2020

Your dream car, from the comfort of your home. It's now po ...

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The Effects of COVID-19 on the Automotive Industry
April 20, 2020

New report: How the crisis is affecting the UAE car market ...

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Seez Automotive Data Trends UAE 2019 report
April 15, 2020

Learn more about the UAE's automotive industry with this free report. ...

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Seez raises $6 million in Series A funding
February 17, 2020

Seez raises $6 million from strategic partners and VCs in a 5x oversubscribed Series A funding round. ...

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This Startup Has Created a Fitbit for Tesla
July 15, 2019

Love Tesla or hate it, the company drives expectations in the electric car industry (no pun intended). Many talk about the Tesla ...

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BMW teaser
BMW Teases Us with a Concept Car that Gives Us a Glimpse into Future Technology and Performance
July 11, 2019

Do you know what you are looking at from the obscure teaser above? No? Neither can we! This picture is a sneak peek into the fut ...

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A game-changing app for searching & buying cars in the UAE.

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Shazam for Cars: AI-Powered Seez wants to change how you buy cars.

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Seez R: A new way to purchase a car.

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New app is changing how people are buying cars.

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Frequently asked questions

We know you got questions.. We got the answers 😉

If you list your car on any major car buying/selling website, it'll be picked up by our engines within 24 hours

Awesome stuff! Very exciting. Reach out to us on our live chat, social media, or through our contact details on the bottom of this page.

Hot deals are car deals we think are a great catch. We take into consideration price, condition, year of make and lots of other factors to determine what goes in the Hot Deals list.

The moment you're done with launching a search, you might be able to see some car deals that have been negotiated before. Give Cesar a little bit of time to finish negotiating the rest. He's usually super fast but this also depends on the reply time of the sellers.

Apart from our Android and iOS apps, Seez is also available as a web app in beta which you can access right here.

Absolutely not. Using our app will always be completely free!

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