With every car you buy on Seez, you get peace of mind, for a lifetime.

At Seez, every new car you buy through the app includes our Lifetime Warranty at no cost to you!

Seez believes that you should be able to buy cars worry-free, and one way we show this is through our Lifetime Warranty.

The best part about our Lifetime Warranty is that you pay nothing for this extra protection — it is yours simply because you buy through Seez. And, even better, there are no limits on kilometers or length of time — the warranty applies for as long as you own your vehicle!

The Seez Lifetime Warranty includes:



To get the Seez Lifetime Warranty just purchase any new car from the official dealer through the “Buy it Online” section on the Seez App. The warranty will be valid for as long as you own the vehicle. It's that easy.

All you have to do is make sure you maintain your car following the guidelines of the manufacturer and/or authorized dealership where you purchased your vehicle — and you are covered. That means service your car at the required time/mileage intervals that are indicated in your owner's manual, and be sure to keep your records and receipts.


It provides coverage to the engine, transmission and drive axle components for as long as you own the vehicle.

No, the Lifetime Warranty is not eligible for transfer and is only valid as long as you own the vehicle.

No, the Seez Lifetime Warranty is only available on qualifying vehicles you purchase through the Seez app and only at the time of purchase.

No extra service and maintenance is required. You must simply follow the Manufacturer’s / Dealer recommended Service and Maintenance schedules and policies as referenced in the owner’s manual.

For maintenance, return to the Official authorized Dealership where you purchased your vehicle. If you have any additional questions, you can contact us at

Manufacturers require a minimum level of services and will often state this in the owner’s manual. Your driving style and environmental conditions will impact the level of service work required to keep your vehicle performing at peak levels. You are only required to perform the customary service and maintenance outlined in your agreement.

You are required to keep records of all maintenance performed on your vehicle. Record of maintenance must include the vehicle identification number (VIN), description of the vehicle, date of service, and your vehicle’s mileage.

The program provides a grace period of 1 month OR 1,500 kilometers, whichever comes first. 

No, all services must be performed at the Official Authorized Dealership where you purchased your vehicle. 

Take your vehicle to your selling dealer or if that is not possible, you can contact our claims department at Our claim specialists are available Sunday – Thursday 9am to 6pm to answer all your questions. Prior to any repair or replacement being made, you must contact our claims department to obtain authorization.

There is no deductible on the Lifetime Warranty. All parts and labor repair costs are covered 100%.

No, all repairs are paid by Seez directly to the service department immediately after the repairs are completed.

Your Seez Lifetime Warranty agreement does not provide roadside or rental vehicle assistance. 

The limit of liability is the average retail value of the vehicle at the time of claim as provided by the Seez Valuation Tool.

Coverage of the Seez Limited Powertrain Warranty once the manufacturer/dealer warranty for your vehicle expires. Check your manufacturer/dealer warranty for details.

Email us at with a copy of your purchase invoice. 

You should receive your agreement within 30 days following the purchase of your vehicle and the registration of your agreement. The agreement will be sent to you from Seez electronically at the email address you provided to the Seez at the time of purchase. A physical copy will also be sent in a welcome package. If you do not receive agreement within 30 days of registration, contact us at