UAE Report 2018

UAE Car Market Report 2018

February 19, 2019

The UAE car market is one of the biggest in the region, boasting cars from all classes and body types. Seez has been present in this market for around 2 years now; and being the only car aggregator in the country and region, we have developed an extensive and comprehensive overview of the whole market, which we found to be juicy and huge!

Using these assets and our love for data, we recently worked on and published a detailed Car Buying Report for the year 2018 in the UAE. In this report, we shared highlights, findings, comparisons, tips, and exclusive data about both the new and used UAE car market.

Here were some interesting highlights from the report:

There were 468,265 cars listed online in the UAE in 2018, with a total value amounting to 32B AED. The most popular year model being 2015 (3-year-old cars), we believe this is due to the warranty expiration date of these cars being close. From Quarter 1 to Quarter 3, car prices dropped by 20%, with the average car price throughout the year being 75,975 AED.

We also looked at which car models retained the highest value after three years of purchase and use. Nissan Patrol came on top of the list with high value retention close to 73%, a definite winning deal upon resale. The 2nd and 3rd positions were also taken by SUVs, the Infiniti FX45 and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, followed by a German roadster, the Mercedes-Benz SLK350, and the timeless and fast Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Apart from used cars, we looked at the New Cars Market outside of dealerships, also called “Grey Market”. There were approximately 12,000 new cars listed for sale by unofficial dealerships, with Nissan, Toyota, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz taking up spots in the top 5 most listed in 2018.

The report also dives deep into the market distribution, body types, car manufacturers, market supply and demand, etc.. It also provides an interesting perspective on whether you should buy or lease, with real numbers to compare!

Download your copy of the 2018 UAE Car Buying report here.


  • Jaison 4 years ago

    Don’t think any of the figures correct

    • Seez 4 years ago

      Hello Jaison, all the figures in the report are based on real market data collection and analysis. Should you require more info, please email us on! Thank you

  • CHINTAN RAICHURA 4 years ago

    I am surprised since Lexus did not make it to any of your list !!!

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