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Top driving tips during a sandstorm in the UAE

April 02, 2019

At least twice a year, the Gulf faces sandstorms. With dust, sand, and cloud drastically reducing road visibility, the chance of colliding with another car on the roads increases considerably. There are many precautions that you can take when driving in sand. And once the sandstorm is over? Unfortunately, the sand doesn’t ‘just’ disappear.

Here are some tips to keep you sand-smart during these dusty times.

Choose your car wisely  

Not all cars are built for sandstorms (I mean, you would hardly ride a top-less convertible, right?) But there are many cars available that are. One of the most popular makes and models in Dubai, according to our Seez second-hand car market report, is the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruiser – both are great for driving in the sand.

Toyota Land Cruiser – Credits: Top Gear

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Drive slower and keep a further distance

If the sandstorm is really bad, the safest thing for you to do is to stay indoors and wait for it to clear. Sometimes it’s impossible to even see a few meters ahead! If you must venture outdoors for something urgent, then you will need to drive slower and more carefully, with full awareness of your surroundings. Use your fog lights and follow all signs and road rules. Put extra distance between yourself and other vehicles and when you break? Break slowly.

Wash your car frequently

Leaving sand on your car can cause rust and erosion. The dust sticks to the paint and can even cause damage despite having anti-rusting agents. Visit the car wash, or get a hose to give your car a wash down. Car covers are also advisable.

During a sandstorm, stay indoors, drive safe and keep diligent with your car cleaning! Happy driving everyone.

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