Mercedes Benz SLK350

The 5 least-depreciating cars in the UAE

March 17, 2019

Want your next car to hold onto as much of its value as possible? You’ll need to buy one of these.

Purchasing a car is a big financial investment and therefore, a big decision. When you buy a car, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. Aside from the joy of driving a specific vehicle and the special connection you form with it when you drive it, an important aspect of owning a vehicle is the value it will retain for when you sell it on.

When you buy a car, you’re unlikely to think about depreciation. But you should. Depreciation is one of the biggest costs of owning a car. It often actually costs more than your fuel, tax and servicing costs combined! A car loses a large percentage of its value in the first few years of owning it. Finding a car that keeps its value the longest will ensure that you get the most amount of money back when you re-sell it.

So, out of all the cars in the UAE, which SUV, sports car and roadster retain their value the best?

We went through the whole market-data, put our machines to work, and analyzed the new and used car market across the UAE in 2018. Then, we gathered all our finding into an extensive report that you can find here.

We found which 2015 car models retain the highest value after three years, so you can bang the best value for your buck when you sell it on.

Nissan Patrol Safari – Desert Surfing SUV


Nissan Patrol Super Safari

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Every land has a legend and in this case, it’s the Nissan Patrol Safari. Great for desert safaris and developed over five generations, the Nissan Patrol Safari has a proud heritage of reliability. Perhaps not a surprise that we found it was the number one, best value retaining SUV in the United Arab Emirates.

Infiniti FX45 – An Suv That Thinks and Runs Like a Sports Car

If you thought the idea of creating an SUV like a sports car was somewhat daft, then think again! Infiniti has taken this concept to the next level with the FX45 and gets second place for the least depreciating car in the UAE.

Land Cruiser Prado – Power and Style



Indulge your sense of desert adventure with the Land Cruiser Prado. Combining power and style, the Land Cruiser Prado is able to take you wherever you need to be, all while providing sophistication and safety at every turn across the most demanding terrain.

Mercedes-Benz SLK350 – Summer Cruiser

And last but not least, winning 1st place for the least depreciation roadster in the UAE: the Mercedes-Benz SLK350. This second-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK, is a two-passenger, front-engine, rear-drive and has a retractable hardtop.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – To Go Down in History 

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition – Credits: Car and Driver

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The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which is also known as the “Evo” is a sports sedan based on the classic Lancer. There have been ten official versions produced to date, named after Roman numerals. As production stopped in 2016 and Mitsubishi no longer sells them (and has no immediate plans to sell a successor). So if you buy an Evo, you will buy the ultimate evolution of one of the greatest performance car (and least depreciating models) ever.

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