Seez launches Car Leasing with their new app

October 11, 2018

Seez, a Middle East-based Automotive tech startup, is changing the way people search and buy cars, by reducing their car search time from 17 hours down to a few seconds. Seez condenses the entire car search process down to a few clicks using its AI-supported search engine.

Seez believes in bringing full transparency to the car market, and to that end, they have developed the region’s first car pricing app. The app “seez” allows you to check car prices by just snapping a picture of any car on the street. To ensure buyers get the best price, Seez also uses its AI negotiation chatbot, Cesar, to scan all sites, identify the seller, and negotiate the price down for you. This way you will see all cars for sale in your country and the final price of each car.

During the first ever TechCrunch Startup Battlefield MENA event, Andrew Kabrit, Seez’s Chief Operating Officer, announced the release of a new “Car Leasing” feature in their new app. For this exciting features, Seez partnered up with some of the biggest brands in the region and will be launching with over 100 models. This will allow people to see not only new and used cars for sale but also browse various leasing options.

Following this announcement, Andrew went on to share some Leasing related numbers. He said, “In the EU and US, more than 60% of the cars on the road are leased cars, while in the MENA region that percentage is minimal”. With this new leasing feature, Seez will become a true one stop shop for all your mobility needs from buying new/used cars to car leasing. There will also be other mobility solutions coming in the near future. Andrew also added: “We are aiming to become the MENA’s first pure tech-enabled Car Leasing platform”, saying that this is the perfect time to introduce leasing to the region, with big socio-economic factors at play, such as women entering the Saudi car market, and millennials wanting to own fewer assets.

Seez’s new leasing feature is already live along with a total redesign of their app, tailored around transparency and efficiency in purchasing or leasing of a car.

Learn more about how Seez can help you find your dream car by visiting or downloading their free app!

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