Frequently Asked Questions

To help speed things up we have created a short FAQ to answer the most common questions, if you still have questions feel free to contact us by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner or send us an E-mail on

Where do the cars come from?

Seez works as a search engine for cars, and brings you all the cars available across the UAE in one place.

How do I upload cars on Seez R?

Seez R functions the same way a search engine does but with car sites. All you need to do is upload your car to any of the major classifieds in the UAE and your car will automatically appear on our app.

Do my searches spam the sellers?

Don't worry, Cesar only needs to negotiate once with each car. He can then share this price with everyone looking for a similar car. This allows you to get the best deals, while reducing the spam from different buyers asking the same questions.

How do I know if a car is sold?

Seez offers so many hot deals and naturally many of the cars get sold really fast. We constantly keep track of what cars have been sold and update the app accordingly. However, the time from a car being sold and us knowing can very which means that few of the cars you contact might unfortunately already be sold.

Is Seez really free?

Currently all features in Seez R is free. If this changes be sure that we will inform everyone ahead of time.

How do I know when Cesar is done?

Cesar will typically have some done negotiations ready straight away and will typically take 1-2 days to finish the negotiations with the remaining cars.

Where do negotiated prices come from?

Cesar our Artificial intelligence contacts every car seller and negotiates the prices down once you have told us what your looking for.

What is the average market price?

We use data from all cars for sale in the region to calculate what the most likely price of the car your looking for is. The market price changes over time depending on the cars available on the market to ensure our prices remain relevant.

What does the graph on price screen mean?

The graph shows how likely it is to find a car at a specific price. We then use the value with the highest chance as the true market price.

Are there any obligations associated with a car search?

You don’t obligate yourself to anything when you initiate a negotiation with Cesar. Once you start contact sellers you only have the obligations you agree to with the seller. Seez will not be held accountable for any interactions occurring outside the app

How long does Cesar continue to negotiate?

Cesar constantly continues to negotiating with new cars showing up in the region until the search is deleted or 30 days have passed.

What is a Make?

The car Make is the brand of the car. An example of a Make could be a Porsche

What is a model?

Cars manufacturers produce many different models of the same brand appealing to different lifestyles. an example of a model could be a Porsche 911

What is a sub-model

Some models have different variations of them built to optimize special features of the model. An example of a sub-model could be Porsche 911 Carrera. Keep in mind that not all car models have a sub-model.

What is a trim

Some models also have trims. Trims can effect different aspects of the car but typically it effects the tuning of the car. An example of a car trim could be Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

How do i Seez a car

Press the camera icon in the bottom right corner to enter the Seez a car screen. Once in there make sure you fill the cars rear end inside the frame to ensure the best recognition.

Why isn't my car recognized when i take a picture

1) To get the best recognition try taking a picture of the rear end of the car 2) Ensure that the car is fully within the frame to increase the chance of recognition 3) There are some cars that we haven't categorised yet, and they will therefore not be recognised. We constantly keep adding new car to improve our recognition. If none of the above solves this problem feel free to contact us for further assistance