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React Web Developer

Job Status: Open

Job Type: Development

Duty Hours: Full Time

Experience: 3+ years

Regions: Remote (Europe)

Job Details

Seez is growing quickly and we are preparing more new products. We’re looking for a front-end developer to join us and help us build and maintain our projects.

Our front-end stack

  • React (with hooks and contexts) and Next.js ;
  • Chakra UI, TailwindCSS, PostCSS and CSS Modules for styling ;
  • Cypress for E2E tests ;
  • Storybook for UI development and documentation ;
  • Firebase for auth ;
  • Prettier and eslint for code quality and format ;
  • You are not expected to be 100% familiar or an expert in all of the above technologies/frameworks. React is the only real hard requirement. Also, our design team uses Figma and Adobe XD.

Your profile

  • You’ve been using React professionally for a while now, preferably 2+ years
  • You know how to use a REST API
  • You care about code quality, readability, and maintainability
  • You care about accessibility and SEO (you know more than <div> and <p>, have heard of ARIA roles and attributes)
  • You code mobile-first and with cross-browser compatibility in mind
  • You are comfortable communicating and working with people from different backgrounds and profiles (back-end developers, designers, marketers…)
  • You are fluent in English
  • You keep an eye on the front-end ecosystem and don’t mind testing things
  • You know how to use git

What’s in for you at Seez

You will have freedom, you will be challenged, and you will not be shut down due to bureaucracy. Your voice will be heard. You are expected to be able to handle multiple tasks and shouldn’t be afraid to take on challenges. However, you are expected to consider the challenges and be able to propose feedback.

You will be part of a team and you are expected to pull on your teammates when needed, but also be able to run on your own and actively seek feedback on projects.

We value communication very highly and you will be expected to participate and join discussions in product development as well as company direction (you are not a code monkey). We have a very free and open-minded culture and are preferably looking for someone with the same mentality.

We value growing our team and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to jump into our other projects and get familiar with our other projects. You will be a part of a distributed team from the Middle East and across Europe.

We will only accept applicants that are within +-2 hours of CEST. Daily communication is done through Slack and we use Zoom extensively. We have multiple weekly meetings – not counting one-on-ones and project-related interactions.

About Seez

Founded in 2016, Seez was initially funded in June 2017 with $1.8 million. In 2020 we raised another $6 million in funding. The main vision of Seez is to reduce the time spent for consumers to find their dream car, mostly through transparency, aggregation, and automation.

We heavily focus on software and our team is tech-heavy. We use modern software and modern software development approaches. We use machine learning for multiple projects.

Currently, the app is active in five countries; with a focus on the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we are moving into new areas of the car-buying market with new related projects.


  • Work anywhere
  • Unlimited Paid Vacation
  • Competitive salary
  • Be a part of a community
  • Heavy start-up culture in a stable organization
  • Paid coworking space (if remote) or office
  • Strong peers to learn from
  • Opportunity to learn and grow with trust and responsibilities

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