Buying a car in the UAE

7 things to look for when buying a used car in the UAE

May 21, 2019
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A high price tag often comes attached to brand new cars, which is why many car buyers are often looking for used cars instead. In places like Dubai, where many expats move for the warm weather, the jobs, and lifestyle, there are many second-hand options. While investing in a second-hand car may seem like a ‘money-saving’ option, there may be some hidden damage which can be costly for the new buyer.

To avoid purchasing a bruised lemon, here is a quick checklist that you should refer to, to check the condition and value when buying a second-hand car:

Credits: Time Out Dubai

Mechanical Checklist

Look over the car’s exterior and interior for damage

The looks of a car and its condition can play a large role in its value. Examine the upholstery, ensure any exterior damage was repaired professionally and that the results are not visible to the naked eye. It is also advisable to get a good mechanic to check under the hood of the car for any damage or problems that you might not notice. Better safe than sorry!

Go for a test drive

Take the car for a test zoom on both the city roads and the highway so that you can get it up to speed. These different environments will show you how the car shifts, reacts to turns, and brakes.

Does the engine sound like it’s running smoothly? Go over any weird noises or ticks with the mechanic for extra safety.

Do a leak test

If the car is leaking, then this is a red flag for repairs. To perform a leak test, pull over on the side of the road while you are on your test drive and let the car run for 30 seconds then check below it to see if there are any visible leaks.

Get a mechanic to inspect it

The cost to get a professional to inspect the car is worth the cost as they will be able to spot any hidden issues that will cause trouble further down the line.

Do some research

Conduct research on the car make and model – is this car prone to problems? Does it retain its market value?

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Avoid buyer’s remorse by using this information to make an informed decision on your second-hand car purchase.

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